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...This is a general post for Paradisa residents, should anyone wish to harass visit or contact Edgeworth ICly. If you are not from Paradisa (I.E., from another game/dressing room, etc), you are welcome to interact with Edgeworth via
his Hotel Room

 LOLNOPE. Edgey has a new inbox now. Go there.

Room at various angles.

...Because Edgeworth is very well-off, there will be no question that he will request as much from the castle as he can to feel 'at home.' Therefore, his room will be inspired by a room of one of his favourite hotel suites - the Hazlitts in Soho, London. The hotel room is a bit smaller than it appears in the picture, but is extremely richly furnished and decorated. However, with opulence comes a price, as usual, and because of Edgeworth's fastidious tastes, the castle will inflict upon him at least one temporary loss per month. Unbeknownst to Edgeworth, of course.

At any given time, there will be a book or two on the bed, and others placed sporadically at various crevasses within the room.  There is another, smaller partition of the room containing a couch, small table, and chair. There are a pair of small speakers, a heated blanket, a small fridge with at least two wine bottles, and a heating apparatus that doesn't emit microwaves. There's also a burgundy/blue chess set. There's no television, no futon, and of course, no Oldbag . There is a black box on the desk that requires not only a key to be opened, but a sliding puzzle to be solved. There's also a medium-sized kitchen. The bathroom is nothing particularly fascinating, as he doesn't spend enough time in there to feel the need to expend too much effort in decorating it, and it is much smaller than one may expect after seeing the room. There is, however, a clean bathtub lined with a few red/gold, unused candles.

See the chess piece? Definitely Edgeworth's room.

The kitchen is similar to this, but quite smaller:



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