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[[Paradisa Wikipedia article for Miles Edgeworth.]]


#1 - Edgeworth's Arrival.
#2 - Joshua Christopher (Temporary Loss #1)
#3 - Valentine's Day 3-day lockdown event (With Phoenix Wright)

 - Section I.  Phoenix drops in.
 - Section II.  Friends
 - Section II.  The Creepy, Red Door
 - Section IV.  The Vase/Hourglass
 - Section V.  "Sense of Romance"
 - Section VI.  "Father Forgotten."

#4 - "Playing with their sticks and balls." [Warning: NSFAnyone ._.]
- Luna
Conan, Matsukaze

#5 - Don't ask. No, really. Don't.

Muffukkin KIRBY!

'Baby Days' Plot Threads:
   - A week of the Castle blessing selected residents with little bundles of joy. -

* Edgeworth and Vanyel, meet your daughter. (Miles and Vanyel...obviously. Introducing little 'Vidhya M. Edgeworth-Ashkevron')
"Companions!" (Luna, Edgeworth, 'Vidhya')
* Buy a Baby! (Maya, Edgeworth)
* Meeting Uncle Phoenix (In-journal thread. Phoenix, Edgeworth, 'Vidhya')
* "Daddy Senses" (Phoenix, Edgeworth, 'Vidhya,' 'Sage' and 'Olive')
* "Double Daddies Society" (Edgeworth, Shawn Hastings) (Ongoing)
* 'Just a Kitten" (Edgeworth, Konoe)
* "Classic in the making" (Edgeworth, Once-ler)
* Finger Painting (Edgeworth, Nora and baby)


* "The doors we open and close each day." (Felix, Geoff, Miles and Vanyel)
* A Bird with No Song. (Vanyel Ashkevron/Miles Edgeworth)
* Felix Harrowgate and Miles Edgeworth go out for a spot of tea one day...
* Food fi yuh rass. Geoffrey Chaucer, Phoenix Wright and Miles Edgeworth have dinner, argue, and share sex stories. What.
The Awakening (Phoenix, Maya, Dr. Carson Beckett)

Random Threads (No particular order):

* The story of Echo and Narcissus (Ino Yamanaka) 
* Maya's Inbox #1    
* On the ship (Pokemon Plot #1 - Ino Yamanaka)
* "I fucking hate him!" (PW)
Lobby: Rarity 
Albus Dumbledore & the Growlithe
* "That's the spirit." (Fluttershy)
* Chance encounter #1 (Vanyel Ashkevron)
Hard Harry I
* God's 'Light' (Yamada)
Fireworks (Luna, Maya, Phoenix):
* Phoenix's birthday gift.  
Phoenix Wright's loss-change plot (Phoenix, requiring a week of being in a comatose state to switch losses):
Host Club: Maladict, Tamaki, Cole)
* Spike the dragon and the Scone.
* Soul-Searching (Phoenix Wright)


Ten Things:

[Miles Edgeworth: The archetypal INTJ.] Edgeworth-mun's in-depth article dissecting Edgeworth's character type:

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[[OOC Note: This is a sort of...journal, if you will. Written by Edgeworth of the Paradisa-verse, it contains some of his innermost thoughts, wangstings, bitchings, frustrations, sentence fragments, pet-worshipping, daddy-issues - you know, the type of things he'd generally guard behind a maximum security prison. It is small and unassuming, and it is generally kept in the nightstand beside his bed, or under his pillow (if he happens to fall asleep with it). 

On a rare occasion, it may be encountered by another character if they happen to visit his room and nose about in his belongings... But that has yet to happen (hopefully). Knowing that it finding itself in the wrong hands remains a possibility, the entries alternate between English and German.]] 


Was mich nicht umbringt macht mich st�rker. )


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