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Name:Miles Edgeworth
Birthdate:Nov 27
Location:Los Japangeles, California, United States of America
Website:Miles Edgeworth's Paradisa Wiki

Homeless: Edgeworth here is currently no longer in any games, and is simply content to appear once in a blue moon in dressing rooms, etc.

ยบ Edgey-mun's in-depth article dissecting Edgeworth's character type:
[Miles Edgeworth: The archetypal INTJ.]

He was once known as the 'Demon Prosecutor.' He is a prim perfectionist, a tea-drinking strategist, and was at least once awarded, "King of Prosecutors." Miles Edgeworth is arguably one of the most well-known attorneys in his district, if not the state or beyond. He consistently exudes an air of definiteness and a confidence that most easily translates as conceit. Among his strengths are smattering smarts, smacking tables and smug smirks. His weaknesses include smiling, small talk, and...uh, smearthquakes. Logical with a relative lack of tact, Edgeworth will not spare sentiments in getting his point across. Once priding himself on his perfect win record, his character shifted noticeably from the demon attorney with his own ego-driven goal to win a guilty verdict at any cost, to seeking truth, regardless of the cost. This was mainly exacerbated by his reunion with Phoenix Wright, who proved to be his most worthy adversary in the courtroom, and the only defense attorney he found impossible to defeat.
Using his brain, because God knows that's a superpower for many people nowadays. Other than an acerbic wit and alarming intellectual prowess, Edgeworth is fully human and devoid of any sort of supernatural powers.
Memories of his father, Gregory Edgeworth, the famed defense attorney of whom young Miles idolized and based his dreams of becoming an attorney upon. To further the loss, Miles will retain all the trauma associated with losing his father, such as his claustrophobia and fear of earthquakes, yet devoid of his happy memories. By default of coming to Cair Paradisa, he will also lose the companionship of his beloved pet, Pesu, leaving him behind but retaining his memory.
[An extremely new, wandering sock-puppet journal. Details to come later.

Mun: R.L. [info]theflamingrose or [personal profile] ichibandasai
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So, since I have a habit of nicking icons from various places and forget where they're from, icons used are either made by: IchibanDasai (me), pteryx, crimsonobsessor, idgiebay, some other people (If you see an icon that belongs to you and you'd like it credited, let me know).
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